Kender, an abstract painter per se
Kender, an abstract painter per se
Kender, an abstract painter per se
Kender, an abstract painter per se

Of marked abstractionist vocation, Santiago Luis Ferrer, Kender (Havana, August 1965) plays with colors and stroked to imprint a unique signature.

 Oriented to painting since early childhood, mainly in the primary language of colors and blend of materials, his early stage was totally empirical rising from basic learning and workshops to the Elementary School of Plastic Arts and then to the prestigious San Alejandro Fine Arts National Academy.

His work is also the result of studies about the technical and methodological aspects of painting, the panorama of Cuban culture, dance, music and history of the arts, all of them indispensable tools in the formation process of an artist; also his work in design, projects, graphics, and as arts professor and plastic arts instructor as well as creator of the Espiral Infinita abstract art project.

Kender states that his creative process was highly influenced by his close link to Old Havana and the influx of well-known artists therein. According to him his work is “the result of experiments and studies, accumulation of works and artists, taking a bit from there and pasting it here”.

He explored realism, though his graduation thesis versed on expressionism; he is better known professionally by his figurative expressionism but abstract art was always an attraction, better said, something that persecuted him everywhere he went. In interviews he has remarked that he likes abstract art “knowing that reality is palpable according to one´s sense of appreciation and where there is something complex, that can be established through simple thought with a logic of construction (…) It is difficult to repeat oneself in abstraction, I believe that as a work of art it is singular and unrepeatable.”

Since 1990 to date this artist accounts for 14 personal exhibits in Cuba, Italy, Holland and Spain and around a hundred collective ones mostly in Italy and Cuba plus Switzerland, Luxemburg, Argentina, Spain and England.  His curriculum is also enhanced by some twenty murals and other formats in Cuba, Spain and Italy, book illustrations, exhibits in events and a dozen prizes and awards.


Calle Vista Alegre (Pasaje Alfonso No. 5) entre Calzada de 10 de Octubre y San Lázaro, Lawton, La Habana.

Home phone: (53 7) 698 2753

Cell: (53 5) 334 3499

By: Alina Dupré