Villa Clara Keys, FITCuba setting
Villa Clara Keys, FITCuba setting
Villa Clara Keys, FITCuba setting

The celebration of FITCuba 2018, the International Tourism Fair in the Villa Clara Keys destination, grouping Santa María, Las Brujas and Ensenachos keys is an appropriate one: a tourism destination of virginal and splendid beaches, an exuberant nature and great biodiversity, supported by a state of the art hotel inventory and complementary services, in excellent harmony with this natural scenery.   

Located to the north of the Villa Clara province, these keys meander along the sea coast, close to one of the largest coral barriers in the world. Tranquility, beaches of fine sand and crystalline waters, an agreeable weather, a diversified offer and excellent service, validate this deluxe offer.

Santa María, largest key of all, extends along 13 square kilometers, with 11 kilometers of an excellent beach. Considered one of the main diving destinations in the Caribbean, it is one of eleven core areas – protected sites of high significance – of the territory declared by UNESCO as Buenavista Biosphere Reserve.

On the other hand, Cayo Las Brujas, closest key to the mainland, is 4 kilometers long and 2 wide; it treasures an impressive marine sea bed distinguishing it as a perfect location to practice water sports.

An ancient aborigine settlement, Cayo Ensenachos is the smallest in size, around 2 square kilometers. It is horse-shoe shaped with two main beaches: Ensenachos and El Megano, the best in the area.

This destination has 15 comfortable hotels, mainly four and five stars, All Inclusive, owned by the Gaviota Cuban Hotel Group and managed by international hotel companies.

A wide complementary offers’ portfolio diversifies and enhaces the hotel stay. La Estrella and Las Dunas tourism plazas both in Cayo Santa Maria, are picturesque boulevards designed for healthy entertainment, recreating the historical, Cuban-ness and cultural mix the Island irradiates.  Among other attractions: the Beer Garden Snack Bar, Piano Bar and Jazz Bar, the Katsura Japanese Restaurant, the original Snack Pirate Ship, La Estrella Disco, Dunas Dancing and Renacer Spa.

Gaviota Las Brujas Marina is another popular offer located in Cayo Las Brujas: offering katamarans, yachts and speed boats for fishing, diving or simply sailing purposes; the key has a diving center and dolphin aquarium where visitors participate in shows, swimming with dolphins.

Visitors’ access is guaranteed through a 48 kilometers highway above the sea, leaving the mainland from the town of Caibarién; also through the Marina and by air, using the local Cayo Las Brujas airport or the “Abel Santamaría” international one in Santa Clara, provincial capital, where the Island’s two main highways – Autopista Nacional and Carretera Central – coincide.

Once it was selected as seat of FitCuba 2018, an ambitious investment program was undertaken in the Villa Clara Keys, thus the visitor will enjoy a diversified and enhanced tourism option, in line with all expectations and interests.

By: Josefina Pichardo