Coralsa: aiming for the future
Coralsa: aiming for the future
Coralsa: aiming for the future
Coralsa: aiming for the future

CORALSA S.A is a Cuban mercantile society doing business in association with foreign investment companies through mixed capital ventures, dedicated to the production and marketing of foodstuffs. It is a perfect company for foreign investment in food production acting as national counterpart of foreign investment companies in Cuba’s Food Industry.

The experience gained in two decades since the founding in 1995 of Los Portales S.A. – a mixed capitalcompany -, producer of bottled water and beverages, allows Coralsa to exhibit today 9 foreign mixed capital ventures and a Cuban capital mercantile society involving the brewing, meat, beverages, dairy, confectionery and milling industries.

CORALSA S.A. has a privileged location in the upscale Miramar neighborhood, close to the Miramar Trade Center and to important international hotels, as well as relevant trading companies and embassies, providing easy access to potential investors and business associates.

Its actual partners: prestigious companies from pymes to well-known foreign multinational corporations,give faith of the trust and confidence in its joint venture management capacity, expressed in the extension of business associations’ time frames and investments in new ventures.

Corporate system: a feast of flavors, scents and images.

Coralsa shareholding companies are highly efficient due to their state of the art technology, thus they are presently positioned as leaders in the domestic market.  Cristal and Bucanero beers, Ciego Montero beverages, Nestle ice creams and Pellys are some of the most popular products marketed in hotels and stores of the Island.

Last year companies associated to Coralsaaccounted for wholesale yearly sales amounting to 470 million CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) with a profit index above 20 cents/ peso sales in most ventures.

Outlook and development. Securing the future.

The corporation keeps growing with increasing development possibilities; just to mention two of them: 1). Nescor S.A. located in the  Mariel Special Development Zone, representing the third joint venture with the multinational Nestle involved in the production of different types of cookies, coffee, cereal based snacks and powdered beverages among other items. 2). Comital S.A., a recent association with the TECAL PRO SRL Italian group offering a wide variety of lasagnas, ravioli and cannelloni.

On the other hand negotiations of five more joint ventures are under way opening to new mixed capital associations to produce bottled water, beverages and beers, dairy and confectionary products. More products, higher quality, more diversity and a better offer in a continuously expanding andevermore demanding market.

Coralsa has also a varied portfolio of projects and interesting investment opportunities supported by highly dependable market studies sustaining the ample perspective of these proposals.  A dynamic and flexible portfolio open to new ideas to be officially presented during Havana’s International Fair FIHAV 2018.

Maybe you’ve met Coralsaalready on coming to Cuba more than once.  In every hotel, restaurant, shopping center you stop by you will find a produce of this company. If you wish to come to the Cuban market, investing in Cuba is the best way.  Coralsa will welcome you.

Por: Katherine Palomo Rodríguez