El Canario:  “I´m open to recordings with any Cuban Artist”
El Canario:  “I´m open to recordings with any Cuban Artist”
El Canario:  “I´m open to recordings with any Cuban Artist”

José Alberto “El Canario” gladly gifted us a very brief moment of his time before his performance to speak about his presence in Cuba during the Varadero Josone Jazz and Son Festival.

– We are going to start at the end, sharing the album presentation that just took place in Havana and ready for a soon coming release. Can you advance any of the novelties in this new album?

El Canario Bienvenidos

– First of all thanks for the reception, for all the love of the Cuban fans, for all the support to the fourth power, TV and radio as well. It was a wonderful afternoon, a beautiful meeting in the presentation of this Septeto Santiaguero new project.  The album is loaded with energy, with Cuban classical songs, enjoying the company of friends, singers and musicians to make possible this musical jewel. I thank EGREM for their ongoing support and affection.

-What about your presence in the Festival and your thoughts regarding this type of event that gathers different trends, genres and generations of musicians.

– I believe there should be more. I´ve been honored by the invitation of my brother Isaac Delgado to be part of the festival and hope it can turn into a beautiful adventu

re valid for many years to come, with more presentations of international artists the Cuban people love and need.

Isac Delgado y El Canario

– Besides de presentation with Isaac, will you be sharing the stage with the Septeto Santiaguero?

– Surely.  We will interpret songs from the former record, a Grammy winner honoring Los Compadres classical “No quiero llanto” and also part of this new album we have not rehearsed yet, but we will manage at the stage.

– I know you are quite acquainted with Cuban music.  If you had to appraise what is presently happening in the Cuban music scenario today, what would you say?

– The Cuban pentagram is too diverse and rich. So many good things happening it is pointless to select just one; but I take charge and will always carry Cuban music with me, making traditional music, especially with the Septeto Santiaguero. I am open to recordings with any new Cuban artist that asks for me or calls me. The doors are open to keep upgrading our music.

– And what about the Cuban public?

— The very best

– Thanks and good luck.

By: Dianik Flores