Hosted by the Mining and Metallurgical Research Center (CIPIMM) and the Cuban Geo-mining and Salt-mine Business Group (GEOMINSAL), the IV International Mining and Metallurgic International Congress took place from September 25 to 27, 2018 in the Plaza America Convention Center in Varadero Cuba.

The event hosted by 25 domestic and foreign companies counted on the attendance of specialists and executives from 17 countries, represented by 11 foreign and 40 domestic companies. In 284 presentations, the congress included such important themes as Mining and Metallic Minerals, Industrial Minerals, Physical and Chemical Techniques, Sustainable Development and Environment, Geology Development, Mining and Foreign Investment, Nickel and Cobalt Technologies and the Gold Industry in Cuba.

This edition also approached issues related to information management in the mining-metallurgic sector, health, workplace safety and evolution of sustainable minerals´ exploration of Cuban and joint venture associations with foreign companies involved in economic agreements with the Island.

 More than a hundred and fifty participants attended the Mining and Foreign Investment session with the presentation of the experience and start-up of the Sherritt-Cubaníquel (Moa Nickel S.A.) and Trafigura-Geominera SA (Emincar) joint ventures, as well as the Commercial Caribbean Nickel S.A. and GEOMINERA S.A. business portfolios with already in-development processes and new opportunities in the investment sector.

Represented by 11 companies, the inauguration of the II COMMERCIAL EXPOFAIR presented a great diversity of products and services. On September 25 the Salón Mayorca of Hotel Meliá Varadero hosted a very emotional moment with the launching of the book: LA SAL: PRODUCCIÓN, TECNOLOGÍAS Y PERSPECTIVAS (SALT: PRODUCTION, TECHNOLOGIES AND PERSPECTIVES) as a tribute to the late Ing. Miguel Ángel Anaya Alfonso, CIPIMM researcher; the text will be of great help to this important industry to which he dedicated most of his life.

Director of CIPIMM, MSc. Marcela de los Ángeles Figueredo emphasized that the introduction and release of the considerable volume of technologies and experiences accumulated by the center in more than fifty years is one of MINEMETAL´ highest challenges. She shared that: “MINEMETAL 2018 program focuses among other relevant issues, in the assessment of the present potential of our mining industry, its prospection and exploration; as well as the responsibility of the mining-metallurgical industry in environmental management as one of the priorities in the services we provide.”

Dr. José Castellanos Suárez, one of CIPIMM senior scientists, underlined the attendance of high-level experts in the congress. “Exchange of criteria in the previous congress round tables with the attendance of Sherrit´s and other foreign companies’ well-known experts, who contributed their experiences and at the same time learned about the results of our work, proved to be highly profitable”. Castellanos adds that presently CIPIMM has among its clients more than forty mining companies, some of them known worldwide, that have successfully implemented the technologies we´ve developed in Cuba.

 Research Director of CIPIMM, MSc. Blasa C. Delgado Diez, points out as essential that: “the MINEMETAL 2018 Congress also focuses in the training promotion of young specialists. CIPIMM presently trains graduates from chemistry, geology and metallurgy who participate in different assignments for country wide institutions under the guidance of experienced scientists of our center”. She also underlines “the highest protection of the environment through our work related to the development of environmental services, studies of environmental impact and management of dangerous waste, all of them endorsed by CITMA (Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of the Republic of Cuba) certification to CIPIMM”.

Lastly, Ing. Martha Velázquez CIPIMM specialist, referred that besides theoretical debates, the exhibition fair presented by CIPIMM, offered interesting products from a natural base developed by its laboratories. “Among these we have Smoke Sorb eliminating tobacco odors from rooms, Zeolor, eliminating humidity and purifying the environment. Garden Color and Agromenas, excellent mineral fertilizers and Coral, cleaner and fishbowls decorator; as well as other varieties of products manufactured from zeolite, the mineral of the century; a mineral we adore at CIPIMM due to its wide scope of applications”.

This congress with its first edition in 1991, highly contributed to the performance and exchange of experiences among Cuban and foreign professionals, including companies that in Cuba and abroad specialize in mining-metallurgic prospection in favor of human wellbeing.

By: Rolando Pujol 

Photos: CIPIMM