Passion for Eggs in Craftwork
Passion for Eggs in Craftwork
Passion for Eggs in Craftwork
Passion for Eggs in Craftwork
Passion for Eggs in Craftwork

Interview to artisan Gelnis Perdomo

Creativity is her hallmark; her work is a reflection of her identity. From her beloved birthplace, Holguin, she offers her creations.  A woman sharing her love and passion for art with Ricardo Rodríguez.

Are you school trained or self-taught? 

I am a self-taught artisan

Why did you choose eggs for your craftwork?

I´ve been always interested in manual work. My husband and I were attracted to the technique of fretwork.  It was a very special discovery for both of us when we found eggs as a source for our craftwork.

What inspires your designs for lamps from eggs?

We mirror Cuban flora and fauna, benefiting from the egg´s world resemblance in shape and form.  We preserve its natural color in the creation of the pieces.

Your work though unique in Cuba, already exists in Spain and artisans in Seville use similar techniques. Did you know about them?  

In our research, we have found the use of ostrich egg as a decorative item goes back in time. Hen and quail eggs used in our work are part of a very particular technique we have no reference of; if it exists, we do not know.

 If not a secret…what is your technique about?

We strengthen ostrich and hens´ eggs so they can endure, allowing us to work on the pieces with greater dexterity.

Some countries, sell these eggs clean. How do you obtain them?

Cempalac Research Center in Havana, with a breeding foot of 600 ostriches sells us infertile eggs that we turn into crafts.

What about immediate and future projects?

We plan to assist to the very important Havana International Crafts´ Fair held in December.

What collection are you presenting in the Fair?

We are working on something very special, but we don´t want to reveal the details before the event.  In past editions, we presented a collection of small carriages based on hen and quail eggs.

Besides national fairs, have you presented your crafts in international events?

I have not presented my crafts abroad.

 Would you like to do so?

Yes. I would love to.

 In what country?

In Spain, they have great experience in the use of eggs artistically.

Thank you and we predict a cultural exchange visit to Spain, very soon!

By: Mavel Ponce de León

Photos: Edgar León Mazzini