The Festival de la Salsa from February 19 to 24 in Havana dedicates its fourth edition to the 100th anniversary of Benny Moré and the Closing Gala to the 50th of Los Van Van orchestra, a milestone not only of Cuban music but also of culture in the Island.The venue presided by Maykel Blanco, talented young Cuban musician and director of Salsa Mayor Group, will seat again in the Parque Metropolitano de la Habana. Its doors will open at 17.00 h with concerts of salsa groups beginning at 21.00 h. Emblematic Cuban music orchestras will share the stage with young musicians; among them Jerry Rivera y su orquesta, Yumurí y sus hermanos, Haila María Mompié, Bamboleo, El Noro y 1ra. clase, Issac Delgado y su grupo, Manolito Simonet y su trabuco, Chispa y los cómplices, Maravilla de Florida, Adalberto Álvarez y su Son, y Habana de Primera, la Orquesta Aragón, Pupy y los que son son, Elito Revé y su charangón, Maykel Blanco, NG la Banda and Klimax. Los Van Van as expected will close with a flourish.

As further attractions between concerts and at the end of dance sessions, the performances of well-known Djs as Ivan Dj Salsa from Spain, Dj LeoDCuba from Germany, Dj Andrea Androger and El Gato Volador Dj from Italy and Dj Hanoi García from Slovenia.  At the same time traditional performing troupes as los Guaracheros de Regla, los Componedores de Batea, la Comparsa de la FEU and La Giraldilla will share with participants.

Besides a workshop program including dances of diverse genres, Maykel Fonts, Sylvia Chapelli and Jennyselt Galata will also conduct master classes.

However incipient, the massive assistance to the Salsa Festival gives proof the genre is well alive. The festival turned up in a context marked by the appearance of new salsa groups in the Island after the boom of the nineties of the past century. Now it is time to warm up the dance floor, dancing until dawn with Salsa groups, Djs and the best Havana performing troupes.

By: Dianik Flores Martínez